Getting The Most From Your Decleor Products


An essential element of using your DECLÉOR products successfully at home is to use them when and how you’re meant to; this way you will get the best possible results. Your therapist at La Santé House will give you invaluable advice and tips on getting the most from your personal selection, depending on your skin’s needs. Key to any good skincare routine is a regular morning and night time regime.


Cleanse – It is essential to remove impurities and daily grime every morning and evening so your skin can function healthily and look radiant. Cleansing with the DECLÉOR product for your skin type will purify and brighten your complexion.

Tone – After cleansing, refresh and comfort skin whilst removing any traces of cleanser with the appropriate toner.

Treat – Now skin is perfectly cleansed treat it with the right Aromessence™ for you. Just a few drops of this 100% pure elixir of Essential Oils – massaged gently into skin in the morning – will help to rebalance your complexion as well as dramatically increase the effectiveness of your daily moisturiser. In the evening, switch your oil for the corresponding Aromessence™ Balm. Warm a small amount of balm in your hands before gently smoothing over face and neck; it intensively replenishes skin overnight for petal soft skin come morning.

Nourish – Next give skin the daily protection it craves by lavishing it with the appropriate moisturiser. With everything from rich creams to super-light emulsions to choose from, DECLÉOR’s plant based products are the answer. If your skin needs extra care – it may be sensitive or mature for example – ask about DECLÉOR’s specific treatments for lips, eyes and beyond.


Take the time to thoroughly exfoliate skin and you will reap its rewards. Exfoliating gently rids the complexion of dead skin cells which can build up on skin, leaving it dull and lacklustre. After exfoliating use a mask to help thoroughly cleanse and condition your skin, leaving it revitalised and silky smooth.


Treat yourself and your skin to the care you really deserve by having regular professional facials. This hour or so of unadulterated bliss will leave your energy levels re-charged and your complexion gorgeously glowing. By seeing your therapist regularly, she will also be able to determine any seasonal and hormonal changes and treat your skin accordingly.


You don’t have to be a trained therapist to treat your skin to some gently stimulating massage at home. Using digitopressure massage (using your fingertips), you can increase blood flow to your skin cells to encourage healthier, brighter skin; it also helps to ensure your Aromessence oil serums and Aromessence balms are perfectly distributed and absorbed. Don’t forget, using an Aromessence increases tenfold the effectiveness of the skincare products applied afterwards too.

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