The power of colour analysis is quite transforming when we discover the range of colours which suit us best individually.

Wearing the colours that suit our skin tone makes our features look brighter and our skin more healthy, With Colour Analysis we find the thirty colours that work for us individually, colours that will all mix and match so that shopping and dressing becomes much easier.

Sadly as a nation most of us overlook the power of colour, We tend to wear the same few colours and turn to black as a default colour, especially for an evening event.

Anna Wintour, editor of American Vogue, stated that ‘most Northern Europeans are too pale to wear black’. If we’re too pale to wear black, it tends to bring out the grey in our skin tones, having an ageing effect.

Discovering the colours that make us look most healthy and visible takes just a couple of hours with a Colour Analysis session.

There's a wallet containing your 30 colours to take home, along with notes giving the tools to enable you to build a capsule wardrobe so you’ll always have something to wear, As your colours work in harmony your clothes will all blend together enabling you to wear the whole of your wardrobe, so no wasted clothes.

Colour Analysis not only applies to clothes and accessories but makeup shades too.

The colours in your wallet apply to makeup and nail varnish colours helping to make your appearance harmonious and groomed. During the session suggestions will be made for makeup looks the the cosmetics available for purchase.

The power of Colour Analysis will give you many more colours to wear and make your look more interesting and varied. Shopping becomes much quicker and productive, you’ll know what to buy so no more wasted purchases therefore the cost of the session is soon recouped.

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